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About Us

New Age Healing, llc is a holistic company focused on personal and home energy cleansing for balance and harmony in everyday life

By changing your energy and the energy around you, it allows for a more positive life

Our kits include: White Sage from California, Energy Crystals from India, Dead Sea Salt from Israel All are the highest quality

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Services Offered

Private home and business cleansing. Each cleansing includes white sage smudging, ritualistic prayers and dead sea salt sealing. Any home or business cleansing includes a free travel size kit, a $15.00 value. Only available in certain areas!

California White Sage

Gathered from mountains it is known to purify places, objects and people. Light our smudges to purify any surroundings.


Symbolizing trust, honor, strength and wisdom. Indians believed that birds have a connection to the heavens. Please handle feathers with care and never drop on the ground.

Personal Healing

.Full body energy scan to discern potential weak areas in the body. Energy directed healing therapy on any affected areas. Available only in certain areas please call for appointment and pricing!

White Energy Candles

Use as an intention. Candle burning can be used for positive blessings and is a wonderful tool to create a soothing space

Dead Sea Salt

Is the purest  and most mineral rich sea salt. Harvested from the southern end of the Dead Sea where the mineral content is at its highest.

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